Tusker Lager in the UK!

Tusker Beer was first brewed back in 1922 by two brothers. Just a year later George Hurst a co-founder of Kenya Breweries Ltd was killed by an elephant, the name tusker was given to the lager in tribute. Tusker Beer sales in the UK are continuing to grow mainly as a result of more people discovering Tusker. This is usually after a new or repeat visit to Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda where the pale lager is very popular. Visitors usually find it and enjoy a couple of Tuskers after a day on Safari, or when unwinding in the hotel bar or beach resort.

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tusker-beer-bottleBoxed Bottles Of Tusker Beer in distinctive Yellow Box.Tusker Malt Lager Premium green bottle 330ml
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Alongside the original Tusker beer in East Africa, you can also find two alternative versions which are Tusker Export and Tusker Malt Lager, so make sure you look out and try them on your next tour, holiday, or safari. Tuser cider is also quite good if you want to mix it up.

Tusker Malt Lager Premium green bottle 330mlTusker Malt is available in the UK in 330ml bottles  Buy 24 bottles – Now back instock Back Soon This Malt lager is brewed for longer compared to traditional lagers and the result is a rich, smooth taste and is slightly stronger at 5% volume. The bottles are 330ml in volume and come in a green glass bottle with Tusker embossed four times on the neck.

Tusker Malt was first launched in 1996 by EABL as its first premium brand, before this it was only available as an export.

Tusker is not widely available in the UK and is not a retailed product in the big 4 stores or independents, which is a shame but also kind of nice. The fact it is a lesser known lager and known more by word of mouth and not just another bottle on the shelf.

You can buy Tusker online, I always like to have one or two to bring back memories of Safaris and trips where cold Tusker was enjoyed. They make ideal gifts for drinkers who have drunk them on safari or resorts, or who are unlikely to of tried it before.

Tusker Lager is brewed from 100% African ingredients, the barley is from the Savannah & the Maasai Mara and the spring water is from the Aberdare Mountains. This gives the drink its exquisite and authentic taste.

Tusker beer has won numerous gold medals at the prestigious “Monde Selection” international beer awards.

Alcohol Units 2.1
ABV 4.2%
Pack Quantity 500
Pack Measure ml
Country Kenya

If you are lucky enough to be in Kenya and nearby territories you can find Tusker on draught just about everywhere and 500ml bottles and 330ml cans for portable refreshment. 🙂

For many Kenyans Tusker Lager = Beer!

Buying Tusker by the bottle instead of 12 bottles/box at a time is not worth it, buy a box or combine with other spirits or orders. The postage on lower orders does outweigh the cost and you might as well buy a box, or buy additional ‘liquid enjoyment’ at the same time or split the costs with friends or family.
Postage for just a few bottles is often around the same price as two boxes as the courier costs are slight when over the initial weight limit. Buy Tusker by the bottle @ DrinkShopDrinkshop used to sell it by the bottle, but not available at present 🙁

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